Engineering Design & Flood Certificates

Historical Image, Engineering Design in  Essex Fells, NJ

Have the proper engineering design and flood certificates for your planned construction project with the help of G.C. STEWART ASSOCIATES INC.

Engineering Design

This aspect of your land use plan incorporates a wide range of factors, including:

• Road Design
• Sanitary Sewers
• Drainage
• Utilities & Landscaping
• Lighting & Earthwork
• Storm Water Management

• Detention Basins
• Water Quality Basins
• Rain Gardens


Flood Certificates

If your project location is situated in a flood zone, you might need to secure a certificate from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to determine the elevation of your planned project. A flood certificate is helpful in resolving your need for insurance.

To have the appropriate engineering design and flood certificates for your project,
contact us to request a service from our surveying services.