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Green Survey, Surveying Services in Essex Fells, NJ     

Land Use Approvals

Get your project underway in no time. Let G.C. STEWART ASSOCIATES INC. provide you the expertise you need to have your construction or housing project approved by the proper authorities and regulators. Let our specialists secure the required land use approvals for your project.

Engineering Design & Flood Certificates

Make sure your project is designed properly and protected against natural hazards. Have our specialists assist you in having a reliable engineering design and flood certificates to protect your investment.

Land Surveying & Concept Planning

Our company can help you in translating your envisioned design from paper to reality. Let us provide you with excellent land surveying and concept planning to determine the practicability of your project.



For surveying services that you can depend on, contact
G.C. STEWART ASSOCIATES INC., to request a service.


G.C. STEWART ASSOCIATES INC. offers reliable surveying services supported by extensive records and the latest technology. Our company combines up-to-date technology and professional services, backed by an exhaustive library of records dating back to the late 1800s, to provide you top-quality work that you can be satisfied with at a fair price.


Every job our specialists set out is always an adventure, an opportunity to discover something new, but our bottom line is to make sure that you are happy with the services we provide.

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